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This is a compilation of products that I have found useful for some patients

I have also included helpful advice related to their use

Wedge Cushions

People with low back pain often find it more comfortable when sitting upright if the seat platform is tilted forward, so the front is approximately 2-3 inches lower than the rear. 

If your seat cannot be adjusted then a large cushion or pillow can be placed across the back of the seat to achieve the same effect. Alternatively, a wedge cushion can be obtained from an orthopaedic supplier, the internet, or your therapist.

Below are links to good examples of this type of cushion from an established orthopaedic supplier

8 Degree wedge is suitable for a normal upright chair.Link

11 Degree wedge can useful in a car seat which slopes backward significantly. Link

I have also included helpful advice related to their us

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